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Rotavator Blade

MPS rotary tillers are made using innovative state of the art technology to tackle the toughest chores. In a single shot, bull rotary tiller ploughs, pulverizes & levels the soil to make a perfect seed bed. This 3 in 1 mechanized process is used for land preparation, the job faster than other conventional methods and it helps the farmers to save their valuable time, tractor fuel, manpower & money. Rotary tillers are designed specially with interchangeable gear and chain. This helps the farmer to do their work easily in a short time without changing the other parts of the rotary tiller.

Product Range :

1) Double holes rotary blade *
2) Tiller hoe*
3) Rotary tiller blade*
* all sizes available

Comparison Chart: :

Description MPS Blades Importer Italian / France Blades Local Blades
Working Hours Long Life Long Life Very Less

Maintenance cost for Tractor/ Rotary Cultivator
Very Less Very Less Very High
Working Capacity in tuff soil No Breakages and bends No Breakages and
More breakages and bends
Price Reasonable Very High Very Low


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